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Supercoat Dog and cat food, a Smartblend

The animal nutritionists at Purina understand that it takes a precise combination of nutrients to keep your dog at its best which is why they developed the Supercoat Smartblend. Blended with scientific precision and inspired by nature Supercoat Dog and cat food is specially designed to promote the overall health of your dog or cat.

Supercoat dog and cat food is made from all-natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. Each recipe in the Supercoat range, includes a carefully considered combination of protein, fat, and fibre, along with 21 added vitamins and minerals to ensure that the food you are providing for your dog or cat is perfectly balanced and nutritious.

21 added vitamins and minerals? Why so many?

As is the case with humans, dogs and cats require vitamins and minerals to assist with their body function. As our dogs and cats are no longer out hunting their prey in the wild, it is important that the food we do provide them provides them with everything they need. Every time, your pet moves a muscle or has a thought, Magnesium is required to allow the movement of energy to make this happen, Selenium has antioxidant properties and helps improve joint, skin & coat health and Vitamin E is not just for healthy skin and coat, it has been shown to assist maintain healthy cells as well as a healthy heart, liver, and nerves in dogs and cats. Every one of the vitamins and minerals included in the Supercoat recipe plays a vital role in the overall health and wellbeing of your pet.

Supercoat across the ages

The Supercoat range includes recipes for kitten and puppy food, adult dog and large dog food, food for active dogs, mature dogs and senior cats as well as a recipe for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach.

The animal nutritionists at Purina do believe that wheat and grains are an important part of a well-rounded diet for dogs and cats. They have, however, formulated a recipe for those dogs who may have grain sensitivities or for customers who have a preference to not feed grains to their dog. This formula is an entirely Grain Free dog food, high in protein and offers a completely balanced nutritional meal for your dog.

Proudly Australian Made!

All Supercoat products are made in Blayney New South Wales and every bag proudly displays the Australian Made logo so you know that Supercoat is an Australian made dog food.